Throughout the years, Phuket is fast becoming a shopper's paradise with many large-scale shopping malls already open and even more coming up soon. With a wide variety of retail shops, restaurants, groceries, and even cinemas, they provide more than shopping, but a truly entertaining experience. Catering especially for Phuket's international population, these shopping venues offer all the very best products and brands from all over the world, for unmatched convenience. Indeed they make living in Phuket much more convenient and pleasant, allowing you to blend the latest modern lifestyle with Phuket's pristine landscapes.

Central Festival

Centrally located, this shopping mall is certainly the most popular of the island. With a complete offering of restaurants, shopping and entertainment, you could spend a whole day inside without ever getting bored. You will virtually all brands of high-end clothing, make-up, world-class groceries, electronic gadgets, as well as an incredible variety of restaurants, with the best of the cuisines from all over the world, and coffee shops including internationally recognized names such as Starbucks. Currently undergoing its second extension, it is already a location not to miss for shopping during your holiday.


In the heart of Patong, only a few meters away from the (in)famous Bangla Road is Jungceylon, Phuket's second large-scale mall. Probably the most popular shopping mall of the West Coast, you will find an unmatched variety of restaurants and retail shops, as well as a world-class cinema. The mall itself is quite spectacular, with plenty of interesting outdoor areas, and even regular live performances, for a great entertainment experience. It has plenty of parking space, as well as a hotel within its premises, and therefore is extremely convenient for tourists who come to stay in Patong and the nearby areas.


The Robinson Department Store was Phuket's very first shopping mall, and is located right in the middle of Phuket's old town. While not as new and flashy as the two other malls, it still offers its own share of clothing retail shops and restaurants, as well as a small cinema. You make a visit to have a more varied shopping experience, especially if you go on to the nearby walking streets and a bit further you'll find the "Expo" market, Phuket's largest local clothing retail. Paired with a discovery tour of Phuket old town, it can be a very interesting experience.

Villa Market

While not a shopping mall, the villa market supermarket offers such a good selection of the best international food products that it deserves to be mentioned. Here you'll find the best organic foods, fresh fruit, vegetables and meats, as well as your favorite grocery brands from your home country. While smaller in size, there are three branches on the island, all very conveniently located: the first is near the Chalong Circle intersection, at the Home Pro Village mall, the second is at the Boat Avenue near the Laguna entrance, and the third is at the entrance of Boat Lagoon Marina.

Premium Outlet

This huge mall is quite impressive in size, and is dedicated especially to clothing. You will find all the world's best brands together in one place, perfect to do some thorough clothing shopping. 

Jewlery Centers

Among the shopping experiences you can find in Phuket, you will find some of the most impressive jewlery and gems centers, such as World Gems, or Wang Thalang. These can give you the perfect gift for your loved one, at very interesting rates.

Latex Centers

Another famous local product, latex shops are numerous across the island, and you will be able to purchase some very comfortable pillows or mattresses to take home with you. The perfect example of a useful souvenir.

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