Enjoying a tropical climate, Phuket's seasons can be very different from your home country. Here it's warm all year long, which is probably one of the island's most appealing qualities, but there are nevertheless seasonal changes in the weather, which you should be aware of, to better plan your vacation and make the most of it. All seasons can be very entertaining if properly planned and prepared, so let's have a look at the various periods of the year in Phuket, and see what are the differences, not only in climate but also in occupancy and pricing.

The Dry Season

November to April

The dry season starts every year around November, after the Loy Krathong festival, and lasts until late April after the Songkran festival, although the exact timing might change, which has been seen in the last few years. This is the favorite period for tourism on the island, since the weather is almost guaranteed to be sunny all the time, and the sea will be the most calm, almost flat. Indeed, it's usual to experience several months without a drop of rain, which is ideal if you're escaping the freezing winter at this time of the year. Since it's at this time of the year that most people come to visit Phuket, the private villas and even hotel rooms tend to be fully booked, so it's better to make your reservation well in advance to make sure you get the best villas. This is also called the "High Season" due to the higher number of tourists on the island, as well as the higher accommodation prices.

The Peak Season

Late December to Early January

The "Peak Season" is mainly during the end of the year, during the Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities, although some villas also consider Chinese New Year and Easter as Peak periods. These are the most preferred dates for tourists to book their accommodation, and therefore tend to be booked months in advance. It's also the time of the year that the prices are highest, but also that the weather is at its top condition: blue skies, turquoise waters, and clean beaches, the very best time to enjoy Phuket's tropical paradise.

The Rainy Season

May to October

After the Songkran festival, the monsoon winds come back and bring with them all the refreshing rain for several months. While it's the "rainy season", it doesn't mean it rains all the time, so if you decide to come for a few weeks, you will definitely enjoy several sunny periods. The rainy season can actually be the perfect time for you to come if you like calmness and quiet, and will allow you to contemplate the clouds and occasional showers from your sea-view terrace, an unique view even more interesting than during the dry season. It's also during this time of the year that the prices are lower, hence its nickname of "Low Season", so it's the best time to negotiate unique deals for your favorite property. Since the winds blow west-to-east, the east coast will actually be quite sheltered during this time of the year and will be perfect for a visit of the Phang-Nga bay, among many other "rainy" time activities.

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