With its beautiful beaches, luxuriant landscapes and fantastic attractions, Phuket is the perfect destination for a rewarding vacation. Choosing the right kind of accommodation is an essential, if not the most important part of organizing your stay, and fortunately Phuket has truly one of the largest choices of accommodation in the whole region. From compact apartments with beautiful sea-views to huge multi-level luxury villas by the ocean, you are sure to find the perfect property for your dream vacation on this island, and we are here to help you finding it. Let's have a look at the various options and their advantages, to help you making the right choice!

Apartments and Condominiums

For couples or small families, these are the most suitable rental properties, some with outstanding sea-views and luxurious furnishings at only a fraction of the price of a similar standard luxury villa. Luxury Apartments mostly benefit from central locations, within walking distance to restaurants and activities, some even offering such services on-site. These properties usually also feature 24hr security and complete common facilities such as gym room and large swimming pool. Prices vary depending on the period, number of bedrooms and location, and can range from 200 USD up to almost 800 USD per night for the most luxurious 3-bedroom penthouses with sea view. View our selection of Phuket Apartments and Condominiums for Rent.

Secluded Private Pool Villas

If you prefer privacy and tranquillity, Phuket has also many private pool villas available for rent. These properties come in a wide variety of sizes and features, and really provide the best experience for families and groups of friends looking to enjoy Phuket while remaining truly independent. If the private swimming pool is an essential ingredient for a successful vacation, and you want to keep a good part of the budget for activities and parties or shopping, then this is the right kind of property for you. Private pool villas are available from as small as 2 bedrooms for couples and friends, up to 7 or 8 bedrooms for extended families. This huge variety also shows in their rates, which can be from 200 USD per night for a small 2 bedroom unit, up to 2,400 USD per night for the largest and most luxurious of this category. View our selection of Phuket Private Pool Villas for Rent.

Hillside Sea View Villas

Phuket is home to some of Asia's most enchanting landscapes, with scenic bays, greens islands over bright turquoise waters and dream-like sunsets. To truly make the most of these natural wonders, the large, luxurious hill-side villas are the ideal choice. With their spacious terraces and infinity swimming pools that seem to flow into the ocean in sight, they offer sweeping panoramic views over the enchanting surroundings and give you a liberating sensation of freedom. These properties tend to be larger than the private pools and can be extremely luxurious, perfect for those looking for an unforgettable experience. Prices are usually between 1,000 and 2,500 USD per night, with some more modest properties available from 300 USD per night and truly outstanding villas for up to 4,500 USD per night. View our selection of Phuket Sea View Villas.

Ultra-Luxury Sea Front Villas

For those who want to experience the very best life has to offer, these extravagant, sea front luxury villas are definitely the right place to be. Phuket Island indeed showcases some of the most outstanding architectural creations, combined with the mind-blowing natural sea-front scenery and the unique, renown Thai hospitality that you can feel every second that goes by. Phuket is well known for its ability to cater to the most sophisticated requirements, with abundant world-class international cuisine, high-end leisure and shopping facilities, and the best golf courses and marinas in the whole region! Staying at one of these villas is an unique experience, providing an extremely high degree of satisfaction and well-being, the true purpose of every vacation. This is the category in which Phuket really shines, as there is a large variety of these ultra-luxury villas, with rates ranging from 1,000 USD up to 5,500 USD per night. View our selection of Ultra-Luxury Sea Front Villas.

Overall, Phuket offers a staggering variety of quality accommodation, able to cater to a very wide budget and requirement range. From the affordable and convenient apartments to the imposing villas in exclusive locations, Phuket has all you need for a perfect vacation. In addition to this impressive variety of accommodation, the island also hosts an incredible number of attractions and activities, from peaceful and relaxing such as spa treatments and yoga lessons, to the intense sports and activities such as sailing and even Thai Boxing lessons. It is true that coming to Phuket has been a life-changing experience for many, and is at least rewarding experience for everyone that carefully chooses the accommodation and area he or she will be staying in. We are always happy to give advice on how to choose the best property or location for you, feel free to contact us anytime!

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