Phuket's seas harbor a thousand wonders waiting to be discovered, and it's aboard a luxury yacht that it feels the best. Coming to Phuket is the perfect occasion to indulge in the warm fuzzy sensations of a luxury cruise along this world's closest locations to paradise. An experience that will clear your mind, awaken your senses, and make you feel good for weeks!

Given the very favorable natural conditions, Phuket has become a true yachting hub through the years, with several world-class marinas and facilities, attracting many professionals around the world, which make yachting a very smooth experience. The marinas are on the sheltered east coast of Phuket, from the northern tip of Maikhao to the southern bay of Chalong, and there are even more piers scattered along the coasts, that can be used to embark on a custom planned yacht charter.

You will be amazed at the available choice of vessels, from cozy sail boats to the most extravagant luxury motor yachts, you can choose your perfect match to live the adventure. Whether you are seeking a romantic escapade in the islands of paradise, or an ultra-luxury prestigious party to impress your friends, all your wishes can be satisfied in Phuket.

Departing from Yacht Haven or Ao Po Grand marinas, you will reach in Phang-Nga Bay before you know it, and will admire the giant karst cliffs with the evergreen vegetation that clings to them, a masterpiece of Nature that is a wonder to behold even during the rainy season. Going east you will encounter Hong island, and then Koh Lanta and Krabi's beaches.

If you decided to head further south instead, you will meet the peaceful Yao Islands, blessed with a rural atmosphere created by the plantations and fishermen villages, and further on you will arrive in the clear calm waters of Phi Phi Islands, deemed by many travellers to be among this world's most beautiful islands. On your way back you can also stop by for dinner at the floating restaurants nearby Coconut Island, where the seafood is the most fresh you'll ever find, and the views will fill your mind with heavenly memories.

From Phuket's south piers of Chalong Bay or Rawai Beach, you can quickly reach the beautiful beaches of Coral Island, and going on you will find the Racha islands, an amazing diving site with divine white powdery sand beaches. During the good season, from November to April every year, you can also head by Phuket's west coast towards the Similan Islands, a protected natural park that is truly a diver's paradise. The waters are stunningly clear and wildlife is abundant, you will meet sea turtles, manta rays, and all sorts of exotic fish nestling in the intricate coral formations, that you can see through the crystal clear water from your yacht.

These unforgettable destinations are within your reach, all around Phuket, and can be done either one by one as a day trip, or you could embark in a marine adventure for several days and nights and see all of it at once! Feel free to ask for more information, as we are happy to help you plan and recommend the best companies that will take you to these heavenly places

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